How It All Started

In 2018, Author Brandi Martin began her journey to becoming a published author. Although she did not expect it to be easy, she found the process somewhat disheartening and, at times, daunting. As a result, she began to weigh her options; to go the traditional route of publishing self-publishing.
“Most publishing companies required new authors to have a literary agent. Most literary agents didn’t want to take on clients that previously self-published.”

After a few rejected submissions, she decided to learn as much as possible about the publishing process and release her first novel, “Sex, Wine, and Chocolate” on her own.
“I could either wait for an unprecedented amount of time to be taken seriously, or I could fully commit to believing in, and investing in, myself.”

After seriously considering it, she decided to take her self-publishing ambitions further. So, in 2020, Supreme Queen Publishing was officially born. “I didn’t want to wait for someone else to decide if I was talented enough to be heard. I didn’t want to be restricted to one genre when I have a wide range of topics and ideas I want to write about.”

The company name, ‘Supreme Queen,’ is not only a nod to women’s empowerment but a symbol of quality. It
signifies taking power and authority over your destiny, producing works at a high standard, and demanding to be held in high regard.

“I hope to help other authors down the line. Right now, I am putting out my work and building my brand so that others will see something positive and successful and want to be a part of it. I always tell my daughter that she can do whatever she wants if she works hard. I want her to see that mom practices what she preaches.”