About Me

Story of My life

Its not a song.

What started out as a poetry assignment has blossomed into a full writing career for
authorpreneur Brandi Martin. After writing several poems and short stories and sticking them in
her dresser drawer, her writing craft soon took on a life of its own. Many times, against her own
will. As characters took on their own personalities and lifestyles, one short story soon grew into a
full novel—taking readers on a literary roller coaster where they never want to get off. Her keen
attention to detail and masterful ability to weave in multiple attitudes and altitudes leaves readers
craving more with every turn of the page.

And while many people may prefer one genre over another, with Brandi’s literary
masterpieces, one never has to choose. Packed with episodes of true love and romance, with a
hint of adult humor and erotica, Brandi blends real-life drama with the secret desires many
people only hope and wish for. Unlike many authors, who simply want to write and publish a
good book, Brandi is strategic about making the pages come to life for her readers—allowing
them to escape to a place where they have a front-row seat to life, love, and laughter.

In her debut novel, Sex, Wine & Chocolate, readers experience an up-close and personal look
at the life of a flourishing entrepreneur who’s struggling to balance life and love. When she’s
caught between a tug-o-war of the heart versus her mind, will she choose familiarity or love at
first sight? When skeletons emerge from the closet, readers will indulge in the twists and turns of
the characters as they plateau at a new level of arousal. Before it’s all said and done, she artfully
invokes much more than the five senses—she pulls on the heartstrings of men and women alike
and won’t let them go. In addition to her first project, readers can expect a book of poetic prose
and her sophomore project and novel, In The Company of Hypocrites, to be released in 2022.