a person who works jointly on an activity or project; an associate

Amani Tolin


Amani Tolin is a passionate self taught artist & an environmental scientist from Hampton University and the University of Michigan, where he conducted research combining the realms of art and science. His artwork ranges across digital illustrations, graphic design, drawings, and paintings. Amani typically switches between stylized characters and semi-realism, and can also emulate other art styles that you might envision. Children’s books, tattoo and logo designs, portraits, environmental landscapes, and character designs are just a few of the creations Amani has made for commissions. Examples of his artwork can be found on : Instagram @artbyaskari or his online art portfolio “”.

john "blaze" steele

John “Blaze” Steele


John “Blaze” Steele: Detroit-born Artist and entrepreneur making waves in the entertainment industry.
His talent ranges from music production to video editing and now, voice acting. With his passion for creativity, he has become a successful artist and entrepreneur.

As a musician, Blaze has dabbled in various genres, from R&B to rap, and everything in between. His music is available on all platforms, allowing fans to enjoy his work anytime, anywhere. Additionally, his videos, which showcase his talent both in front and behind the camera, can be found on multiple platforms, including YouTube.

Recently, Blaze expanded his repertoire and ventured into voice acting. With his natural charisma and ability to bring characters to life, he has already gained recognition for his work in this field.

Overall, John “Blaze” Steele is a multi-talented individual who has made significant strides in the entertainment industry. With his music, videos, and voice acting skills, he continues to make waves and inspire others to pursue their passions.

african american female, writer, editor

Tenita C. Johnson

Editorial Guru

Authors worldwide write better thanks to editorial guru and authorpreneur, Tenita C. Johnson. Perfecting manuscripts for hundreds of best-selling authors, she’s on a mission to end the prominent everyday abuse of the English language and rectify punctuation pet peeves. As the founder and CEO of So It Is Written, LLC, Tenita collaborates with industry professionals to take manuscripts to the marketplace, positioning authors for success in the literary world. Well known by many as a human spell check, noun nerd, and grammar police, she proudly wears the badge of honor to correct and serve.

Dubbed the editor’s editor, Tenita hosts the annual Red Ink Conference to empower aspiring authors to write from the editor’s point of view to save time and money in the self-publishing process. She positions writers as experts in the industry, empowering them to create their own writing/editorial business and thus, develop multiple streams of income.

Kiara Brown


Meet Kiara, a talented, creative, imaginative artist with a bachelors in computer animation from Full Sail University. Kiara works on everything from illustrations and logo designs to working with clothing brands and creating 2D animations. She calls her personal style “dream realism”, as it captures notes of dreamy highlights and proportions. She is professional, easy to work with, and does her best to capture your vision!

Tarra Jackson

Graphic Designer

Meet Tarra, a creative, outgoing designer with an associate of Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Michigan. Tarra communicates with her customers in-depth to gain a clear understanding of their vision. In turn, she brings their concepts to life with style and originality. Tarra designs complete branding packages, including logos, business cards, flyers, etc.

Breanna Green

Web Designer and Photographer

Meet Breanna, a wild child, creative, talented, over-imaginative photographer and web designer with associates of Web Development from Baker College and associates of Photographic Technology from Oakland Community College.

Breanna strives to please her customers in a uniquely creative way. In the web department, Breanna works on everything that is digital from full develop websites, fixing customer’s site, hosting, and re designing web templates. In the photography department, Breanna works on portraits, family portraits, cosplay, fine art, surrealism and etc.