sex wine and chocolate book


  • July 19, 2022

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Alana Jones is smart, beautiful, and successful. She has a good head for business and just so happens to own one of the most popular restaurants in the city: The Cocoa Marra. Although she hasn’t found “the one” yet, her life is filled with love, fun, and excitement, which she usually experiences with her two best friends–one of which is Simeon, the head chef of her restaurant.

Unfortunately for Simeon, Alana hasn’t noticed that he has secretly been in love with her since college. And the arrival of Alex, a handsome, charming new sous chef, will stir up a competition in more than just the kitchen. Alana’s slow-paced love soon kicks into high gear as wine-soaked confessions, steamy encounters, and the sweet temptation of chocolate become all too regular.

A secret affair, coupled with a secret crush, force her to wonder if the recipe for true love is something one stumbles upon, or if it’s cooked up over time. In either case, will she have more than the perfect recipe for drama as business, pleasure, friendships, love, wine and chocolate all collide?